Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Show Time

Samantha showed Jade in her first dressage show. They did Intro A and B. Jade did great for her first time (with lots of help from Samantha) 

 Meghan had a 45 min. warning to get to the show and fill a ride opening on Quinn. They did so well they ended up high score for the day!

Cindi is working her way through training level on Tiernan. Canter is getting better

Olivia did her second show on High Socks.  Connection is getting better and canter more balanced. Better scores too :)

Maggie is home from college and hoping to get enough shows in to qualify for year ends. She and Thunder did Training 2 and 3

 Kristin took on the challenge of riding 2 horses with very few rides in between.  Dru in 2nd level and Galileo in 3rd. LOTS to do. Nice to be young


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