Saturday, July 23, 2016

Horse for sale or looking for homes

There are a number of horses at the farm or associated with the farm looking for forever homes. Please check out the for sale listings to see what is available or in need.

Tess is still looking for a forever home. This little mare is energetic and needs a job. She needs an intermediate + rider/driver. Tess is 18 years young. 14.3H. Can be adopted through the MSSPA in Windham

High Calibre N has been added to this list. The following is info about this big handsome gelding

High Calibre N is a 16 year-old 16.3 solid black Standardbred gelding being offered for sale due to owner's health and moving to Oregon. Because of his gentle and calm temperament his owners were excited to embark into his starting a pleasure driving career! He has done well and has completed six weeks re-training with Robyn Cuffey. Calibre also does well as a riding horse under both English and Western. He is comfortable, sensible and calm on wooded trails in a bitless bridle as well as moving herds of cattle in full Western tack. He is a remarkable horse in that he truly loves to go for a ride! He is inquisitive and friendly and does very well with ground manners, shoeing and is excellent at trailer loading. He enjoys the company of other horses on pasture and would prefer to not be cooped up in a stall as he was during his racing career. He is comfortable in a stall and will come in on his own, but really prefers being out as much as possible. He is physically sound, has bi-yearly chiro and acupuncture, his teeth have been well attended to and his hooves are hard and strong. He is quite sweet and a fun horse that is a thinker and will watch you walk away until you are out of his sight--and he readily "asks" you to get on him at liberty--amazes me as I have never experienced that! He is not spooky or timid and is willing to try anything you want. He will lead a trail ride or follow. He stands well for mounting and is understanding when you are sore and cannot mount with ease--he just knows and stands even more steady! On a group trail ride he will stand perfectly still while another horse is being quite difficult and will not be influenced by that horse. I have experienced no vices with him and he has always been treated well--Natural Horsemanship trained off track. His trot is animated, quite comfortable and very fluid. He is really quite striking and beautiful in motion. He is not excitable with other horses passing him or comparable racetrack triggers. He only canters at liberty and has never offered to buck or give his rider any reason to feel nervous and concerned. Calibre would be suitable for a knowledgeable beginner (as I was) to intermediate due to his patience and easy-going nature. I was nervous with him at first just due to his size, but he quickly put me at ease and he has been a wonderful confidence builder for me personally. If you are looking for a best friend that you can trust and will look out for you both, Calibre may be just who you are looking for. As for his driving abilities and endeavors please refer to his trainer, Robyn Cuffey at Photo Finish Farm in Buxton, Maine. Calibre resides in Mount Desert, Maine. $2500 or free to a known/referenced equine professional or equine non-profit organization. Contact Meg at 207-479-3633


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