Friday, December 31, 2010

Photo Finish Farm News

January 2011

It has been yet another action packed year here at the farm. We have seen a collection of ponies (Newfoundland, Welsh and Haflinger) come and go for training with some Morgans and Standardbreds scattered in the mix.

PFF riders have competed locally at all the SMDA dressage shows, SPHO shows, many 4H and MHA shows as well as Dressage4Kids in NY(Kristin and Dru), Isaac Royal in Dover Foxcroft and NEDA Fall in NY(Sam and Apolo), the National Standardbred show in NJ (Samantha and Lindy)

Some folks and horses ventured out for their first trip to Acadia with the “mares” to keep up with (Sam and Kristin riding, Bandit’s first trip, Marilyn and John driving)

Kristin was a demo rider for the L judges program sponsored by MDS. Cortney was a presenter at World of Horses doing a dressage freestyle as well as showing off her lobster costume. Kristin, Gloria and Robyn performed the Standardbred demo at WOH.

We held 2 farm shows and one SMDA clinic as well as hosting the annual SPHO carriage driving clinic and Trading Places clinic

Robyn and Gloria had a crazy opportunity to get 2 warmblood babies from Texas, so they did :)

PFF fostered 4 SPHO Ambassador horses (Jonza, Lester, Shiner and Broker)


Barb got a new horse, a bay Standardbred mare called Surprise Ending.

Oakley is for sale

Betty and her pony Quinn are new boarders

Sam and Apolo are headed to a barn closer to home

SPHO Ambassador horses, Broker and River, have just arrived for further training

2011 Plans:

Robyn will be speaking about carriage driving at the Northeast Horsemans Conference in Augusta January 15 and 16 and doing “Meet the Author”

We have Acadia trips being planned. If you have interest in riding or driving with us, contact Robyn. The cost for these trips depend on transportation,use of PFF horses and need of assistance. Stalls are reserved in January and deposits are non- refundable.

“Trading Places” clinic tentatively scheduled for February

The SMDA March 12-13 clinic will be held here as well as the SPHO driving clinic April 17th

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Merry Christmas and wishing all a great 2011
from Robyn and everyone at Photo Finish Farm