Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Catching Up

Getting behind with news
Have been to a few events already. Started out at the SPHO Fun Day. Took students as well as FFS horses for a practice day. Deb rode Monette's Image and Tess, both horses looking for forever homes. Brandi rode FFS horse Red Slippers as well as giving her young horse Music her first outing. With Renee as the leader, Kade gave Spyder ( with much help from Joyce) a tour of all things new and scary. Then Renee and Socks tackled the same course. Karen played driving Prise and Desiree gave Janie the tour.
Jordan, Abby and Hannah are all moving up in their dressage riding. Jordan is tackling 1st level on Quinn, Hannah is starting Training level on her young horse Cameo and Abby is moving Ras up in Training level.
Desire and Janie C went to their first show, competing in the SPHO/MHA show. They competed in in hand as well as 2 gait and got a good start. Barb and Prise got their first outing of the year showing in the driving classes.
Next up is our SPHO/SMDA show June 12 where we hope to have a good showing of Standardbreds