Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Catching UP?

Always getting behind. Been a crazy busy summer with multiple trips to Acadia and lots of shows. Nellie and Soprano have made 2 driving trips to Acadia and Nellie just got back from a riding trip. Socks joined us on that trip with Prise and AJ. Got to show Ann and Renee the carriage roads on horseback.

Quinn and Wendy have been showing all season. Robyn and Jordan have been riding Quinn, Derek on Wendy. Laura has started her first dressage competitions this year on Remy.

Last weekend PFF presented 7 horses at the World of Horses at Cumberland Fair. Kade (w/Robyn), Will (w/Gloria) and Socks (w/Deb) joined a quadrille with a Horse of a Different Color as the theme. Nellie ( w/Jenna) and Wendy (w/ Brandi) represented Standardbreds. Robyn drove Haflinger AJ to Halloween music and Maria rode MSSPA's mare Tess in horse's needing homes presentation.

One last trip to Acadia and one more show to go?