Sunday, January 20, 2013

January Update

The latest MSSPA horse to arrive for training is Nutmeg. She is a young Appaloosa/Arabian pony who is up for adoption. Hoping to have a rider on soon.

Another pony trainee is Champ. He has been a very good boy. 

Thorpe and Marilyn are another year older with ages that add up to 102 but neither one acts their age :)

Meghan with Betty's pony Quinn won High Score Junior rider for SMDA

Olivia with PFF's High Socks and Cindi with Tiernan both won SMDA year end awards. Congratulations ladies!

Rio is continuing with his training with Brandi and Robyn on board.

Fun Time

Will and Rio always fooling around. Can't decide what to toy to play with so they picked both.  New dog Ben doesn't know what to make of them. Would like to join in.